Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy

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About us

Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy is a professional coaching company that provides a range of coaching courses both in and out of schools hours. Driven by specialised and licensed coaching staff, our aim is to provide the best coaching for everyone involved. All courses run by Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition will be centred around the participants ensuring that they are safe, fun and enjoyable for everybody involved. They will be structured so that learning can take place and all children can aquire and develop new skills in a range of different sports, allowing them to develop technically, physically and socially.

OSA Academy Philosophy

  • To develop players abilities further by giving them the opportunity to express themselves without the fear of failure or making mistakes.
  •  To provide the players with a comprehensive football education in all aspects both on and off the field of play.
  • To give all gifted players the opportunity to play at the highest possible level along with professional coaching provided by our highly qualified and experienced coaching staff.


Our coaching staff dedicate their time and knowledge to each individual aiming to create very good players technically, tactically, mentally and physically.


All players at OSA Academy will work on the ability to use both feet and all surfaces, looking at different sessions centred around ball mastery and ball manipulation. Being able to pass the ball accurately with either foot and different use of disguises. They will also begin to understand and gain knowledge of a team environment, how different systems of play work and roles and responsibilities of different positions on the field of play.

Our Mission

OSA Academy aim to attract, develop, nurture and motivate all players who attend our courses. Our focus will be on developing all players talent, taking them to the next level, by providing them with specialised coaching to develop a number of core technical skills including all aspects of ball mastery and ball manipulation. All sessions will be player centred ensuring enjoyment, safety and education are all taking place.

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